CSS – Reset all Default Styles

June 17, 2008

Eric Myer seems to have the best method for reseting browser css defaults.


Windows Live Writer

March 21, 2008

Picture of our Block of Land

This post was published from my desktop using the new release of Windows Live Writer.  I found the link and recommendation for Live Writer from the blog of Dustin Campbell.  I wanted to have a look at his blog after hearing his interview on one of the 2008 podcasts.  Now, here I am, posting with live writer.  This new age of web 2.0 and blogs continues to amaze me.  The amount of information and hot tips to be found after a few clicks is amazing.  It will be interesting to see how live writer goes…..  I have inserted a picture of our block of land, why, because I wanted to try out the publishing of a photo with live writer. 

Two Recommended Books

March 19, 2008

These two books were recommended during one of the Codemash 2008 podcasts.  They are titled ‘code complete’ and ‘pragmatic programmer’.

Yahoo Web Services and Silverlight

March 18, 2008

Find out how to use Yahoo Web Services APIs with Silverlight.  The Yahoo developer site also has a .NET section.  The URL is http://developer.yahoo.com/dotnet/silverlight/

Great Colour Generator Site

February 14, 2008

This site was mentioned on Boagworld’s podcast. A great way to develop a colour scheme. http://kuler.adobe.com/

Web Site Architecture

December 19, 2007

Paul Boag from Boagworld discussed a tool for mapping sites that he found quite simple and handy. The site is www.writemaps.com , in the comments section, the following tools were also mentioned gliffy and mindmeister. Mindmeister is more for doing mind maps but can be used to outline site architecture as well.

December 6, 2007

Have a look at the DOJO toolkit for the fisheye widget. This is the cool icon expansion thing that Apple’s do. I like!!! Looks like you can create these expanding icons in your web page using javascript.


December 6, 2007

Tips For Creating Great Web Forms (some very good tips, especially those added in the comments section)


December 6, 2007

CSS PNG Image fix for IE


December 6, 2007

Nested lists in Menu Navigation hot tip:

Use document.write() to write the styles that hide the nested ULs. That way without script support, these rules do not style the sub menus.