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Windows Live Writer

March 21, 2008

Picture of our Block of Land

This post was published from my desktop using the new release of Windows Live Writer.  I found the link and recommendation for Live Writer from the blog of Dustin Campbell.  I wanted to have a look at his blog after hearing his interview on one of the 2008 podcasts.  Now, here I am, posting with live writer.  This new age of web 2.0 and blogs continues to amaze me.  The amount of information and hot tips to be found after a few clicks is amazing.  It will be interesting to see how live writer goes…..  I have inserted a picture of our block of land, why, because I wanted to try out the publishing of a photo with live writer. 


The First Blog

June 5, 2007

Well this is the first blog. I am going to save all the tit bits of information I find out along the way to becoming a fully boffed up web developer. I have to finish my user interface assignment first. After that I will start learning everything I can about .NET. I think .NET will be the way to go as alot of government departments use it and thus probably represents my best chance of getting a web dev job off the bat.