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December 6, 2007

Some very interesting tutorials, designed in Visual Studio 2005:

The tutorials are as follows:

A.P.I. Method Documentation

MSHelp2 Conversion and Integration

Using Dynamic XSLT

Creating Accessible Tabular Data Tables

Creating Auto-line Numbered Code Blocks

Calling Accessible Context-Sensitive Help

Building Accessible Static Navigation

Here is the link:


December 6, 2007

A good beginners guide to css:

December 6, 2007


Boagworld mentioned a good web design site that concentrates on tips and tricks without all the fluff you normally get in articles / whitepapers.  They also talked about design and using logos.  Although it is recommended to avoid logos with lots of detail they did point to a site where they (headscape) produced a site with dark colours and a detailed logo.  The company apparently said that they could do anything, as long as the logo stays as is.