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December 6, 2007

Here is a link to a (x)html cheat sheet.  The pdf would be worth printing out:    produced by Keryx Web, obtained through the Melbourne web standards group mailing list.  A blurb in reply to the xhtml cheat sheet about cross browser accepted symbol:   hanks for the hard work and time taken to do this. It’s appreciated.


May I make one suggestion please? The character reference (✓) you’re using for the “checkmark” symbol does not render in IE6 or below. However, it does render perfectly in the latest versions of Opera, Firefox, Netscape and Safari for Windows. IE 6 and below renders it as a plain square box. If you don’t mind this occurring in IE 6 and below, then please ignore my comment.

If it is of importance, then maybe using a “plus” (+) sign (+) or another cross-browser recognized character reference will do.